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27 March 2023

Very nice use case of a mom using in her personal life check it out here : 
Angie is a mom of 4 and is using with her nannies. She qualifies the tool as “a cool life hack that will save you tons of time”. Angie created a with lots information on her home and kids which is solving Angie’s following issues:
1. Repetition
Angie is using a ‘’Nanny service’’ and don’t always get the same Nanny. She always has to repeat herself on what to do, what not, how this or that work, and she got tired of it.
2. Updates
Angie still wants to know if the kids ate well, if they are asleep but she doesn’t want to be on the nanny’s back, call her at a bad time or think about it all night while she's out. The check list with notes (in the block please confirm steps) gets her clear notifications about the status of the night.
3. Clarity
Sometimes, it is easier to write things down than say it to someone’s face, especially when it’s about rules or things not to do. Moreover, when the Nanny arrives, Angie is already late and often forgot to mention crucial things about her home or kids.
We love this use case, unfortunately for privacy reasons the link shared is a fake build by the team.

Thank you.

The Team 

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