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27 March 2023



Marine has been a fashion model for the past 10 years and have quickly identified 3 major pains that could be solved with LI.KI/

1. Having up to date images & polaroids that can be visible by potential clients from different agencies at anytime is crucial. Those pictures can’t be displayed on Instagram (front/side pictures of the model and are not aesthetic). As explained by Marine “The urgency in the industry is sometimes so intense that if you don’t share them within minutes, you can lose a job”
2. As a Model you are constantly being asked the following questions.
- Who is your mother agencies ?
- Are you represented internationally if yes by who ?
- What’s your measurement ?
- Can I see more of you on your social and models account ?
- When and what was your last job ?
- Are you free to work on this date ?
- I d like to book you for a job can we discuss it
"Of course, all of this can be answered through a call or by message but when asked everyday by multiple prospects from multiple agencies… You can understand that we (the booker and the model) are getting tired of repetition"
3. Booking requests must be done by/through or with the agreement from the agencies they are the managers. "Yet your profile is the one visible online and when you are not famous enough you are constantly redirecting requests to your booker doing the intermediary which creates friction"
For this last one you can see on Marine’s profile the bloc booking request. This block is from a LI.KI/ of her agency meaning that the booker gets all requests without interacting with marine as they are all channeled through her to him.
"LI.KI/ can clearly offer even in its current early version better ways to interacts."

Thank you Marine for your support and feedback.

Marine took 8 minutes to build her profile. Which is ok for a product that is 1 day old but not far from what it should be...
What is also cool though is that anyone that duplicate her profile by clicking on duplicate and will have the same sections as marine. This means that any model who wants to have the same LI.KI/ as marine's will take less than a minute…
If you know a model, photographer, artist, or anyone working in fashion industry or show business do not hesitate to tag them in comments.

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