Use case the bakery

27 March 2023

The bakery use case

Out of discretion for our client, the following URL is fake:

What we love about this use case is that the bakery is managed by a non tech savvy 60 years old couple with a single and only passion : pastries.

They had a website in the past and have spent thousands on it but decided to revoke the subscription because it was too complex to manage and not answering their needs.

They were confronted to many issues easily solved by but we will only  summarize the most important one below:

The only way to order pastries for the weekend was by calling the bakery during the week. They’ll note your name and what you’ve order on a sheet of a paper and the date you will come to get the order.

On Friday evening they would take up to 4 hours to regroup the orders of the week properly, make a list to prepare them for the next day. They would often have errors in orders, not able to read what was written, price it wrongly, it would also cause friction and conflict between the couple pushing the working hours late at home each Fridays.

The rest of the story only takes few lines….

The couple created a account,  and a to let their clients order pastries  all of this in less than 10 minutes. They then shared the URL with their clients who now order through They have a personal interface that properly sort each order and clients’ requests.

They didn’t gain 4hours/week they’ve gain 6 hours. Why ? Because they had to take the orders by phone during the week which they don’t have to anymore…

And you, what would you do with “6 free hours” during the week ?

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