Turning Words To WidgetsLiki is a new communication tool using visually stunning widgets and organized spaces to boost engagement and productivity.
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Discover the power of visual communication
More clarity
Spaces Not EmailsOrganize content into spaces that are 10x clearer than chats or emails so you'll never lose track of valuable information again.
More interactiVE
More Widgets, Less TextExpress complex ideas visually for better engagement and streamline communication to clicks and drags.
MOre adaptable
1 Tool, Millions of TopicsTake your communication from bland to grand in seconds by crafting one-of-a-kind interactions for any topic, task or subject.
More efficient
Build Once, Reuse InfinitelyBuild and reuse templates, widgets and saved materials to cut creation time by 8x, freeing up time for more important tasks.
Spaces for any personal and professional use
ffIntroduction & PromotionA space to introduce a brand, generate leads, show reviews & organize meetings.
fsSales Flow & EngagementA space to manage customer relations, sales materials, close deals & track payments.
ftCampaign ManagementA space for team collaboration, content curation, resource allocation & data analysis.
sfResume & Personal Introduction A space to stand out, get noticed, showcase talents and connect with people.
fsPlan & Organize EventsA space to create, show off, coordinate and discuss events and engagements.
ftPersonal ManagementA space to track personal goals, tasks, to-do lists, contacts, exercise and more.
Free Features Galore, Ready To Explore.
smallcard-img1A professional profile & personalized URL
smallcard-img2Unlimited public & private sessions
smallcard-img3Secured hosting & 2GB doc storage
smallcard-img4Admin and data on Liki spaces
smallcard-img5Tons of reusable widgets & pre-build templates
smallcard-img6AI builder & customization features
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Embraced by all
from moms to CEOs
My days are packed with client interactions and pitching materials. Liki has become my secret sauce saving me precious time and standing out from my competition. The widgets make my life easier to quickly convey complex ideas and close deals faster.
Tommy T.Sales Director
Liki has been a dream come true. Its visual spaces showcase our projects in a way that grabs attention and communicates my message in a glance. Our approval process is faster and clients love how easy it is to understand and greenlight ideas.
Michael P.Marketing Manager
Liki has breathed new life into my small business. I have a lot of clients and it’s hard to keep track of all their requests. Liki keeps each correspondence separated and manageable.
Emily Z.Consultant & Small Business Owner
As a graphic designer, Liki is the first communication tool for my needs. Instead of writing lengthy emails, I can share ideas and concepts in a snap. It saves time and my clients love it.
Olivia J.Freelance Graphic Designer
As a project manager, my daily life revolves around organizing and coordinating tasks, managing deadlines, and ensuring the team's productivity. Its tools have transformed how I work and allow me to oversee our projects seamlessly. Our communication is at an all-time high and has eliminated the need for countless email threads.
Andrew W.Project Manager
Liki helps my clients communicate their needs faster. There’s no need to write long email messages. I can quickly pinpoint what needs to be completed and get feedback on it.
David M.Front End Developer
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